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Technical Services

Roll Trailer Repair

Our professionals immediately identify any faults in the roll trailers and repair them professionally and reliably, for the benefit of our international customers.

Ms Gitta Driemel is available on 0471/9477-133 or by e-mail at  gd(at) for quotes and further information.

Roll Trailer Manufacture/Modification

We have specialised in the modification of standard roll trailers and can carry out almost any technical requirement you may have.


If you are interested, Mr. Andreas Geils would be pleased to hear from you on 

(E-Mail: ag(at)

Steel construction / special construction

As a certified welding company, we have the authority to make design changes or to build special designs according to our customers requirements.

If you are interested, Mr. Andreas Geils would be pleased to hear from you on 0471/9477-114

(E-mail: ag(at)

Ship Repair

As a flexible technical service provider, we supervise almost all repairs to the vessel that may be necessary while it is in port. We work together with long established companies in Bremerhaven.

Mr. Peter Grönhoff can resolve your issues - just call 0471/9477-130 or e-mail him at pg(at)

Painting and preservation for sea transport

Our 20-metre-long painting booth acts as an extended workbench for the manufacturer, where we paint using different paint components. A special preservation method for sea transport has been developed, so as to protect your high quality cargoes against corrosion.

Mr. Herbert Beckmann would be happy to give you an individual quotation - please call 0471/9477-101

or e-mail hb(at)

Project development and engineering services

For special, oversized loading units we work with you at the factory, developing lashing points on your products for later worldwide transportation.

Mr. Andreas Geils would be pleased to take your enquiries at 0471/9477-114

or by e-mail at ag(at)