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Railway crane successfully installed and loaded

competence in the project sector

One more time the team of ATLANTIK Hafenbetriebe could give proof of their competence in the project sector. For a long standing forwarding client we should execute the handling, construction and finally the loading onto a RoRo-Ship. In view to the construction height, the track width and especially the ambitioned requested delivery date, it was decided to deliver the crane in dismantled condition by truck to the seaport. The revolving superstructure and undercarriage, each more than 50tons, were delivered in two pieces and fitted together at our facilities. By using two mobile cranes the revolving superstructure was installed onto the undercarriage which already was placed and stuffed on a roll trailer. With a lot of sensibility, the required experience and perfect communication with the technicians, our employees introduced the two cranes so that both parts of the railway crane in less than an hour got “married”. The intricacy could be seen by the fact that 58 stud bolts has to be “inserted”. But not only the handling and construction works were difficult. Because auf the weight the shipping company only could use a 40ft roll trailer with a loading capacity of 120tons. To ensure a sufficient weight distribution, our employees prepared steel beams with an adequate profile. This equipment specification caused an overhang about 12mtrs, which had to be considered during the loading operation. To avoid a touch-down of the crane boom to the tugmaster, the shipping company developed the unconventionally idea to lift it up for the crane arm before loading. After detailed calculations of the shipping company and our employees both sides were assured that this consignment could be executed under the compliance of all security and quality measures – but after arriving in the deck the crane boom had to set down again. Good preparation pays off – the consignment flowed smoothly and showed again good competences in the project sector of ATLANTIK HAFENBETRIEBE as well as Bremerhaven as a leading port location for High & Heavy shipments.