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AHB is SOLAS raedy !

“Essential for shipper and carrier: no VGM = no shipment”

Since 1st of July 2016 the new SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations became effective.In accordance with this, no container is allowed to be loaded on board without the confirmed total weight, the so called VGM (Verified Gross Mass). 

Essential for shipper and carrier: no VGM = no shipment. 

Generally there are two methods of reliable weighing:  

Method 1: the whole container with its content including all load securing has to be weighed.

Method 2: all single weights have to be summed up and the total weight has to be transmitted to the shipper. 

For example a container with 500 boxes. The weight of every single box, every piece of dunnage, all load securing materials and the tare weight of the container has to be summed up.  

ATLANTIK HAFENBETRIEBE, your service provider for container stuffing in Bremerhaven is of course ready to weigh your container with the first method. For weighing we use, different to other service provider, an especially developed container‑scale. With 14,3m x 3,0m and a QM-load of 10ton also expanded and overlong flats and general cargo up to 60ton can be weighed.The deviation of this scale is 20kg in the division up to 60ton. With this precision the scale is calibratable and in this completion unique in Bremerhaven. Due to the proximity of the container terminals the weighing of container which weren’t stuffed at ATLANTIK HAFENBETRIEBE is perfectly integrable into your transport chain. 

Our opening hours from monday - friday in the time of 06:00 - 21:00, in arrangement also on saturdays, are ideally for your logistic processes.

The VGM note can be given to the driver or can be sent immediately on electronic way to your hands.