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The company was founded in 1963 as ATLANTIK STAUEREI (Atlantik Stevedores) and began with handling both new and used vehicles in the Northern Harbour, which had hitherto been unused.

“From a proud past into a successful future”
Atlantik Hafenbetriebe

In the following years, cargo volumes grew rapidly and soon the first RoRo ships were arriving regularly at Bremerhaven. Through the use of ConRo vessels, soon after containers were also being handled in the Northern Harbour and the demand for additional services rose rapidly. In addition to the usual stevedoring and terminal services, ATLANTIK also offered technical services and a repair service as well.

In 1970 the company moved to their own operating area, where first of all a workshop building was erected. By 1975, we were providing a wide range of services and the company was renamed ATLANTIK HAFENBETRIEBE - Atlantic Port Operations. In subsequent years, the landside activities were continuously expanded and the operating area continuously extended. Even today, there are innovative solutions that are still connected with the increase in high and heavy and other project cargoes,  many associated with our in-house development and construction of special handling equipment. So far, more than over 18 million vehicles, over 10 million tonnes of high and heavy cargo and 300,000 containers have been handled by ATLANTIK HAFENBETRIEBE. Particular highlights were the shipment of railways , metro wagons and locomotives, including the Transrapid.